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"Do you remember...?"

We celebrate one of THE greatest songs of all time (with probably one of THE best horn sections of all time) with our latest tribute T. To me, "Bah Dee Yah" just so perfectly sums up the sheer JOY and groove of this song. Here's a little back story behind what it even means...

Allee Willis, co-writer of "September" with EW&F, explained that "The, kind of, go-to phrase that Maurice (White) used in every song he wrote was 'ba-dee-ya,' " she says. "So right from the beginning he was singing, 'Ba-dee-ya, say, do you remember / Ba-dee-ya, dancing in September.' And I said, 'We are going to change 'ba-dee-ya' to real words, right?' " "And finally, when it was so obvious that he was not going to do it, I just said, 'What the f- - - does 'ba-dee-ya' mean?' And he essentially said, 'Who the f- - - cares?'" she says. "I learned my greatest lesson ever in songwriting from him, which was never let the lyric get in the way of the groove."


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