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"There were no steeples, no crucifixes planted in everyone's  yards, no JESUS SAVES signs on telephone poles, no constant reminders that I wasn't good enough in God's eyes." 

"The colors that I mix here are
a reflection of what you would
see on a sign in Anywhere USA.
They are bright and engaging.
Hard-edge and high contrast. Offering immediate relief,
much like the sign purports to do itself; enlarged to a scale that is impossible to ignore."


"Instead of $500
sweaters for St. Barts, it
was 2 for $20 tank tops
at Carolina Beach,
one-pieces with cutesy
phrases like
confederate flag tank
tops, and dolphin
snow globes."

"I started first with a
Capital One card, having
learned that the bank was a
fan favorite, as it would
approve nearly everyone in
exchange for taking the risk
on your middle class ass."


"More than anything I missed “the plan.” The one God had laid out for me but would very slowly unveil to me over the years, only when
things were going well, you never knew the plan when things were going bad."


"'We' –  the panel of (likely) White men with inherited wealth ready to take away your home no matter how hard you’ve worked to own it."

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